And so, the day you were eagerly waiting for - the day you received your acceptance letter at Penn State - came and went. And now you are ready to take the next steps. Your first stop - find an apartment for your first year in State College. 


State College is a University town and thus, has a large student population, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. To cater to such a dynamic population, State College offers a wide range of apartments that are owned privately or by realty management companies. We are sure you will find a place that suits all your needs and fits your budget. 


Here are a few suggestions from us to help you with your apartment hunt...




  •,,, and Craigslist can be additional sources you can refer to. However, we strongly advise practicing caution while dealing with any third-party advertisements posted on these websites and protect yourself from potential scams. Do not send any money to anyone from India while searching for the apartment unless you are absolutely sure about the person/ organization. 


  • State College has a diverse domestic and international graduate student communities. Most management companies are well-versed with procedures to handle documents from international applicants. Check their requirements before you apply and put down a security deposit.


  • Be aware that your apartment is not really yours until you have paid the deposit and have signed the lease. Do not trust verbal/ email communications as the proof.


  • While choosing your ideal apartment, we encourage you to compare your apartment features and amenities with others. Finding a match for your new home simply based on the rent-per-month is not a good idea. We advise you to consider the utility bills over the summer and winter months and base your final decision on the overall estimates. Depending on what utilities are included in the rent (such as heat, gas, cable TV, electricity, internet etc), the total out-of-pocket money per month may look completely different than the rent on your lease. If you don't find any information on monthly utility bills, you can email the management to get a rough estimate. Alternately, you may contact the electricity or gas providers for the apartment directly, if possible, to get this information. Your apartment management should be able to provide the details of their electricity/ gas/ TV/ internet service providers.


  • Look for reviews on Google and similar websites for the apartment you have in mind. You may send an email to IGSA if you have any specific query. We may be able to provide additional insights based on our experiences.


  • IGSA tries to provide basic temporary accommodation to the new Indian graduate students every year from the time they arrive till their apartment lease starts. This is a helpful gesture by the student community at Penn State provided free of cost to ensure a smooth transition to your new life. While the IGSA try our best to accommodate all requests, we encourage new students to make their own living arrangements. Temporary housing options are available for graduate students through Penn State at a small fee, pending approval. Information and instructions to apply can be found online at Graduate and Family Housing. Detailed instructions to apply can be found here. The University also provides more options for short-term housing. You can find out more at PSU Arrival. If you find yourself in need of temporary accommodation through IGSA, please let us know in advance by filling out this form as soon as possible.