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And now you are ready to pack your bags and board that flight to your new life. But are you confused on what you will need and what you should carry?


Here are a few suggestions to clear at least some of your confusion...


  • Traveling with Agricultural Produce:

You may choose to bring your family-recipe masalas and the secret ingredients for your favorite mom-made recipes. But do consider declaring these items if you think they fall into the category of being an 'Agricultural Produce'. The United States Customs and Border Protection requires such declarations. This declaration can potentially result in these products being removed and thrown away at your port-of-entry. We are not lawyers and so, we cannot be the trusted with any legal advice - but you may want to think twice about carrying your rice and your dals with you. Trust us, you can find everything you need at the Indian stores in the United States to make that delicious Indian curry your mom taught you before you flew to the United States. Tread these waters as best as you can. You can read more about these regulations at


  • Traveling with Perishable Goods:

We advise you not to carry perishable goods that are not sealed properly - either by you or by the manufacturer. These may get taken away at the Customs. Please make sure your favorite achar bottle is sealed and tucked away nicely in your checked-in luggage.


  • Carrying Kitchen Utensils:

You can choose to carry the everyday essential kitchen utensils and tools with you as long as they are secure in your checked-in luggage. If you choose not to, don't worry. You can buy them at any of the stores that sell kitchen supplies. Walmart, Target, and even the local grocery stores will carry some version of the cooking utensils.


  • Winter Clothing:

You heard it right - State College is in the Northeastern United States and yes, we get bad winters from time-to-time - well, during most years. Even if you are a cold-weather person, you will still need to purchase quality winter apparel and gear before the winter is here. Our advice - buy them in the United States, if you don't already own some ultra-warm winter coats. You can find cheaper winter clothing during sale events or promotions all year around at multiple online and department stores retailers such as Macy's, North Face, Columbia, Burlington Coat Factory or Wilson's Leather to name a few. offers a great selection of appropriate winter gear. Your winter clothing is not something to take chances on - and definitely not in State College. You are welcome!



  • We may be able to answer any specific question based on our experiences living in the US. We are not qualified to provide legal advice, but we may be able to provide more insights into your specific concern. Email us at

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