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Your two major modes of transportation in State College area are Buses and Cab services.



  • State College and nearby towns are connected by the Center Area Transportation Authority or CATA buses. CATAbus has several routes (referred to by letters) within and around the State College area. We encourage you to explore the CATAbus website for more information. You can download the CATAbus app on your phone to track the buses in real-time (well, almost real-time) for route information and bus stops.


  • CATAbus costs $2 per ride that you can pay in cash using either $1 bills or ¢25 coins (quarters). Make sure to have exact change - there is no way to exchange for smaller denomination bills on the bus if you are not carrying any. If you need to change the bus at the Pattee Transit Center on campus or elsewhere, please let your driver know. Your driver can give you a transfer sheet and you can avoid paying for two rides.

  • CATAbus operates free loop/ link bus service around campus. You won't have to pay for these rides. These buses can be tracked using the CATA App.


  • At the beginning of the semester, you can choose to purchase an annual CATAbus pass at a discount. The RIDEpass program for Penn State Graduate students and staff is a non-transferable pass and is currently priced at $15 per month. The pass is pro-rated, that is, you have to purchase the pass for the entire year. If you choose to surrender your pass, you will be issued a refund for any unused months. If you lose this pass during the year, you can purchase another pass for a replacement fee.


  • For longer journeys to nearby cities such as New York, Philadelphia, D.C., Pittsburgh etc., you can choose between Megabus, Greyhound or GoTo Bus. Check their websites for more information on their rates, destinations, and schedules.



Cab Services:

State College has Uber and Lyft cab services. However, unfortunately, State College area does not yet have the cab-share options for Uber (Uber Pool) and Lyft (Lyft Line). So, be aware that these rides can get expensive. Download their respective apps on the phone and link a US-based payment option to your account.


Other traditional cab services are:

  • AA Taxi ( 814-231-8294)

  • Golden Taxi LLC (814-355-2200)

  • Happy Valley Taxi ( 814-237-7433)

  • Nittany Taxi ( 814-867-4646)

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